Job Ad Intern

Job Description: AGI R&D Intern

Adaptron Inc. is researching, designing and developing leading edge general-purpose robotic control software using unique artificial intelligence algorithms.

The job includes:

  • Learning about and understanding how humans behave and think by researching subjects such as cognitive science, psychophysics and motor and process control,
  • Iteratively inventing mechanistic, functional, and deterministic theories and models of artificial general intelligence,
  • Analysing, designing, programming and testing software that proves these models and duplicates intelligent behaviour, and
  • Helping to deliver these software solutions to customers for integration into their products.

Mandatory requirements:

  • Experience designing and developing software in an object-oriented programming language
  • An ability to communicate well in English

Desirable requirements:

  • Experience programming in Python, Java or a .NET language
  • An understanding of cognitive science or psychology
  • A diploma or degree in computer science

Optional requirements:

  • Some education in the fields of cognitive science, psychology, artificial intelligence or neuroscience
  • Experience with robots

This is an opportunity for you to apply your knowledge, skills and ideas in the field of artificial general intelligence (AGI).

We are looking for practical, analytical and organized individuals who can think outside the box, express their ideas verbally and visually and efficiently manage their work and time.

This job requires your onsite presence in Ottawa to work in the team.

Please submit a brief cover letter and your resume to: