Adaptron Test Run – 1 - Date: 17th August 2007

This test case #7 with the new interest scheme shows that if A is not stored when it first becomes permanent then it has a loop problem with repeated A’s.

Another possible interpretation of the situation is that the reflexive response of  b has just been performed and there is no expectation of what will occur next. Thus the next stimulus is unexpected / a surprise and therefore is recorded.

But if the repeating A’s occur later – not after the reflexive response we still need to capture the AA sequence in LTM. Thus the reflexive response can not have any influence on the decision to store the A’s. It must be something inherent in the AA pair itself. It must be the recognition of the AA sequence as novel, not matching any habits.

This leads back to the argument that since no response can be generated for the A because it has become permanent maybe we perform a reflexive listen and do a mandatory store in LTM because it has become permanent.

Or we do not consider a permanent stimulus that matches the previous context stimulus as being of sequential interest = neutral. We say there is sequential interest and it will be reduced by any habit that matches.