25th Feb 1979

Interest as a drive. - Might be possible by automatically associating pleasure with input or thought which is new - not recognized. The intention is to stimulate the search for new things.

5th Apr 1979

Try - if executing do not record steps taken in execution, only record cue initiating the execution.

25th Dec 1979

Some thoughts from loose sheets

 - DO should just do I/O, let J/P [Idea of input /idea of output] go on reflexively.

 - Output processor if at concentration level 0 for more than 2 input frames then reflexively output something?

 - Output sinks - motor and memory     auto come from memory

 - Input attentions - sensor and memory    auto go to memory

 - Possibly every recording consists of an input-output pair.

 - Start executing when get associated whatever which is associated positively i.e. ASIN [associated input] has INRP [input reward punishment] = 'Y' start executing.

 - Somehow idea of a goal  -> what to do to get it.

                     Starters           Concentration Level                        Attentions - Interrupts

Outputting    Reward                        3                                         good happenings    bad happenings
                                                                                                                     ^                            |
Thinking       Idea of reward              2                                   good ideas     |       bad ideas      |
                                                                                                             ^       |            |               |
Idling            association                   1                                         any association     V             V

 - Working at one level - can be interrupted by same level initiators.

 - automatic execution - halts on some pre-set condition.

The environment being used at present [ in my simulation] is a static one. Only new input occurs if an output has occurred to change the environment. A more realistic environment is a dynamic one. Without any output being done the input changes - my reflexive motor on duplicate inputs will no longer function in a dynamic environment which switches between two inputs.

Information goes from short term memory [to long term memory] if it is:

1/ Punished or rewarded or has emotional associations,

2/ If it is new information.